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Debra is the Executive Director of The Mind Body Institute for Infertility – Specializing in Reproductive Counseling for Infertility / Pregnancy Management.   Individual & Group support to increase the success of conception.   Harvard trained mindfulness program in stress management. Endorsed by Reproductive Endocrinologists and Gynocologists since 2006.  www.mindbodyinfertility.com 


Pregnancy Management

High Risk Pre & Post Pregnancy Management

Debra was a Board Member of the Saddleback Mother of Multiples in Southern California and has a network of bed-rest survivor skills.  Psychotherapy, stress management and nutritional education.   Maternal mental health in any stage is essential to a family.   Anxiety and depression can set in as early as 3 weeks when hormones plunge to pre-pregnancy levels and the effects can wreak havac on a new mother that is recovery from birth while adjusting to a new baby in the house.   A few sessions of support can make all the difference in your health and the health of your family.