Women's Health


Psychotherapy for women with relationship issues, career, parenting, sex, infertility, cancer recovery, diabetes, addictions (alcohol, drugs, eating issues).  Finding the balance in health, work & personal satisfaction.


Pregnancy Management


Specializing in reproductive health, infertility and pre-post natal support.  Minimizing stress for women going through the journey of motherhood.   Research indicates stress reduction increases fertility outcome, minimal birthing interventions and complications.   This is the most exciting time of your life, it doesn’t have to be the most stressful.

1 out of 4 couples experience infertility.

Pregnancy is filled with excitement along with anxiety and stress.  Through psychotherapy support, nutritional education and stress management in individual or group settings.

Debra’s past experience as the Executive Director of the Mind Body Institute for Infertility – www.mindbodyinfertility.com, a Harvard Medical School based program provides unique specializes in stress management for women’s health.   Collaborating with patient’s medical team (gynocology, reproductive endocrinology, high risk pregnancy specialist) in reproductive support.   Currently in private practice in Laguna Hills, CA.

If a health crisis like infertility and or high risk pregnancy issues arise and stress hormones increase inviting a host of complications in high blood pressure, preeclampsia, early delivery and low birth weight.



Postpartum support is crucial to a new Mother and her family.   Anxiety and depression can set in as early as 6 weeks and last for years.  Hormones plunge to pregnancy very quickly and the effects can be overwhelming, leaving women trying to manage the demands of recovery from birth while adjusting to a baby in the house

Adjusting to new routines, lack of sleep, lack of support, breastfeeding, changes in your body all have an impact on a women’s sense of self.   A few sessions of support can make all the difference in your health and the health of your family.

Call for support, “In-Home” visits available.



In – Home visits for high risk pregnancy is available for women on bed rest.   Debra is a mother of twins, and a teen, she knows first hand the demands a pregnancy has on a family and women’s body.  Debra is a Board Member of the Saddleback Mother of Multiples (www.smomc.org)  and has a network of bed-rest survivors and will be there for you.   If you need “In-Home” visits on psychotherapy, stress management and nutritional education, call today.



Group Counseling



Women going through various health concerns meet in group setting over a 5 week program dedicated to specific challenges.   Groups are evidence based psycho-education, stress reduction and mind body medicine using models of cognitive behavior therapy and solution-focused model.

Addiction Recovery Group:

Addiction Recovery Group – outpatient recovery group monitored by a professional giving support in psycho-educational model. Tranisitoning to sober living, group is here to help build a success plan for lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition.

Infertility Group:

Infertility groups meet to minimize stress to help succeed in reproductive health. Research indicates a reduction in stress increases fertility outcome. This is the most exciting time of your life, it doesn’t have to be the most stressful. Positive psychology and fertility planning emphasizing the success and journey that 1 out of 4 couples experience when under the care of a certified medical doctor and a health psychology specialist in psychotherapy. Debra’s past experience as the director of www.mindbodyinfertility.com brings the research and professional support group for positive reproductive health.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Many women face body issues on a daily basis.   It’s a matter of degree and if eating disregulations become unmanageable or effect daily life.  Eating disorders are known to be dangerous and yet the diet industry remains to be a multi-billion dollar profit.   Varying types of eating issues are rampant and some women/young girls don’t understand that unhealthy habits can lead to heart disease, reproductive issues and mental health disorders.

Our intensive outpatient programs are based on research from Harvard Medical School that indicate outpatient group support in psychotherapy and nutritional counseling is highly effective in managing these concerns.