Invited Speaker & Corporate Training

Community Health Education

Available for Speaking opportunities to Medical, Corporate, School Personnel, Trainings, PTA invited guest speaker.  Medical Staff, Nurses conferences.  Past topics discussed:

Neuroscience & Corporate Leadership

Stress Management for Health Professionals

Brain Health / Food & Mood

Stress Physiology for Families

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Education

Fertility, Cancer Recovery, Epilepsy, ADHD, Anxiety / Depression Among the Workforce in our Families

Executive Counseling & Career Issues

Executive blueprint for success helps minimize stress and find balance in the work setting, family, relationships and careers.   Creating a vision statement and expectations for self improvement are critical components in achieving this balance.

For many men and women, work and careers give us identity, sense of worth and security. When work is not satisfying and disruptive to daily life, work productivity diminishes.

Training executives, human resource management, school settings and employees in psycho-social issues results in corporate retention, wellness and personal satisfaction.

Some of the most common career issues:

  • Stress Management for Job & School Performance
  • Potential job loss
  • Concerns in balancing career and or life purpose
  • Frustration with employee productivity

Career issues can manifest into substance use and addiction as well as relationship concerns that seep into daily life.  We can pinpoint the growing edges needed and find alternatives that help regain control.

Debra’s professional experience in Fortune 500 companies lends expertise in Executive support.  Debra holds a BA degree in Organizational Behavior, Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling, Advanced education at Harvard Medical School.

Debra’s held positions as a Marketing Director, Human Resources Manager, Sales Trainer, and Executive Director.(Coldwell Banker Commercial, Dun & Bradstreet Software & Drexel Burnham Lambert, The Mind Body Institute for Women’s Health).

Debra’s educational and professional scope of competences adds value to Corporate and Family support.