Arreas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Child & Adolescent:

Teen Consulting

Play Therapy and Collaborative Problem Solving is a therapeutic approach in addressing emotional social and behavioral issues with children and teens.  The goal is to solve problems, teach skills and train the brain to think differently.   Play Therapy is a specialized training used with younger kids to bring their story to life.

ADHD, other health impairments or lagging skills are accurately assessed through a collaborative process to minimize challenging behaviors.

Adolescents report they don’t have a lot of power or choices in their world and can struggle with poor decision making while striving for independence.  Concerns with Peer pressure, academics, identity, status, lagging skills in making friends, social interactions, stress and hormones.  These issues can be overwhelming and dominate their thinking.   Teens can be empowered to make the right choices through skill building, leadership, stress management to help minimize risky behavior and educational pitfalls.

Debra is compassionate in developing a collaborative relationship with children, adolescents and their families.  If you or a family member are struggling with concerns about a teen, seek support and make these year’s positive memories that will lead to future success.   Individual, family, group support.



Navigating anxiety can be taxing and exhausting and can cause serious conditions that interfere with day to day life.   Anxiety can manifest itself with physical symptoms:

  • Sudden overwhelming fear that appears for no obvious reason
  • Changes in heartrate, such as palpitations or rapid beat
  • Tightening in the chest
  • Tingling
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea



Depression is more than feeling sad or upset. It can linger, come and go and is an inability to process and express feelings in a healthy way. Genetic predisposition to depression results in a lifetime of battles to stay happy.

For others, the condition can be related to hormonal changes or imbalances, pregnancy, post pregnancy, menopause, death, divorce, loss of job. Some of the most common signs of depression include:

  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Unwillingness to socialize
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Significant changes in weight
  • Difficulty focusing or making decisions
  • Thoughts of death or suicide


Grief Counseling:

Grief Counseling

Grief is a natural response to a loss.  The grief process is unique to everyone and occurs in stages.   There is no right or wrong way to grieve.  Confusion and discomfort can make the process more difficult to understand and seeking counseling can certainly help facilitate a healthy healing process.

Healing doesn’t mean that the memory of your loved one will go away, it means that you will honor your feelings as well as your loved one in a conscious and healthy manner.

Grief can occur following death of a loved one, beloved pet, terminal illness, fertility issues.

Stages of Grief:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Not everyone will experience every stage of grief or necessarily in this order.   Seek support today.

Parenting Education and Support:

Women's Health Issues

Collaborative Problem Solving is a therapeutic approach in addressing behavioral issues with children and teens.  Parents and educators are able to accurately assess and support children through a collaborative process to minimize challenging behaviors.   As a clinician, we will teach skills and solve problems and help manage ADHD, learning issues or lagging skills through cooperation in the home and school.

The demands of parenting often are not due to NOT loving your child, or poor parenting.  Skill based program in restructuring the imbalances of expectations, time management, communication and conflict resolution.

Parenting education is about respecting that you are all growing together.   Adapting and accommodating the needs of each family member while evolving through the stages of child development.  Parents benefit from support programs and reminded about positive reinforcement, setting boundaries, identifying common values, minimize negative behaviors while fostering a nurturing environment with young and adolescent family members.

All parents need support from time to time and growing through the process is a goal we all strive to seek through Collaborative Problem Solving therapy.

Group Counseling:

Groud Counseling

Evidence based group therapy designed from Harvard Medical School. Please contact us for schedules for on-going groups in:

  • Social Skills Training
  • Infertility Group
  • ADHD
  • Nutrition Education – Food & Mood Health

Health Psychotherapy:

Health Psychology Center

Adapting to illness, health concerns and recovery, nutritional education & psychotherapy services.

  • Mental Health supports the overall health (Epilepsy, Cancer Recovery, Infertility)

Executive Counseling & Corporate Training:

Executive Coaching & Training

Corporate Training on Stress Management, Leadership and Executive Functioning.   Executive and Business luminaries are in high demand and finding that balance is essential.  Professional training and individual support.

Some of the most common work and career issues:

  • Potential job loss
  • Concerns for career direction in relation to life purpose
  • Frustration with employee productivity
  • Feeling unfulfilled and stuck

For many men and women, work and careers provide identity, a sense of worth and security. When work is not satisfying and disruptive to daily life, stress and work productivity suffers.  Health issues can manifest, substance use and addiction as well as relationship concerns may be affected.